Crating / Design

Creating, crafting, and implementing custom designs can be a game-changer. Let NX Automotive Logistics USA, Inc. use our experience and technology to create a custom design solution for your domestic or international needs. You’re always looking for efficiency and an edge in the market, let our designers provide the solution for any issue.


NX Automotive Logistics USA, Inc. has mastered the sub-assembly process to deliver exceptional components for our customers. By utilizing our state of the art equipment, and with our experience and training we can handle this task for your business with optimal results

Service Parts Logistics

Service parts are the lifeblood of a company. At NX Automotive Logistics USA, Inc. we understand these vital components of making your line work. Working in tandem with our parent company Nippon Express we can deliver the right part, at the right time, to the right place, and at the right price. When you need reliability and solutions, you can rely on the experts at NX Automotive Logistics USA, Inc.

Kitting / Repacking

When it comes to combining the necessary parts to better meet customers’ lineside or aftermarket needs rely on NX Automotive Logistics USA, Inc. to deliver the best, most simplified kit to get the job done. We repack products into different container types and quantities in order to provide a more efficient product flow which makes your systems run that much smoother.

Lineside Delivery

Delivering the specific part to a specific location at a specific time to keep your production line running and no one does it better than NX Automotive Logistics USA, Inc. We can sequence products for just-in-time delivery and proper manufacturing lot management.

Import / Export

We’re experts at the details of international transportation and in conjunction with our parent company Nippon Express, we have the experience and capability to handle the transportation and documentation requirements of any getting any product from or to you. When time matters and with regulations and laws always changing you can trust NX Automotive Logistics USA, Inc. to provide a full solution for any import or export needs that you might have.