Our Departments

Business Development

At Business Development, we specialize in setting goals and developing plans for business and revenue growth conducting engineering research, planning, and implementing new logistics procedures and technologies pursuing optimization and efficiency. We also maintain excellent communication with customers to ensure their satisfaction with our service.

What we Do…

  • Engineering:
    • Setting goals for businesses and developing strategies to meet goals
    • Develop strategies by analyzing data and process flow
    • Conduct time studies to warranty right labor force for every project
    • Constant monitoring of operations to maintain KPIs and reducing operating cost
    • Technical Support to customers with innovation, automation, business expansion, space optimization, warehouse design, and more
  • Customer Service:
    • Developing quotes and proposals for prospective clients
    • Develop and maintain client relationships
    • Monitor project teams to ensure contracts are executed as agreed
    • Make and give presentations to prospective clients and internal executives


The NXAL operations department is one of the main key players in our organization to start up projects and perform daily operation activities. Along with this department, NXAL can provide logistics, warehousing, transportation, inventory control, and more services meeting cost, productivity, accuracy, and timeliness targets for our customers, being always in compliance with laws, regulations, and ISO requirements.

What we Do… 

  • Crating and Design
  • Sub-Assembly
  • Service Parts Logistics
  • Kitting/Repacking
  • Lineside Delivery
  • Import/Export


NXAL Administration provides valuable services, enabling work processes to operate seamlessly and efficiently. Whether we are directing a project, solving a problem, paying bills, communicating information, or perhaps record retention. All in all, the administration is responsible for the execution of the overall operations of an organization.

What we Do… 

  • Accounting
  • Human Resources
  • Informational Services
  • Quality and Safety
  • Management
  • Maintenance